A Music Visualization experiment 

Music Visualization can produce amazing results, and hence I decided it was about time I had some fun with it. The Audiosphere uses cutting-edge WebGL, FileSystem, and WebAudio APIs to visualize any HTML5 recognizable audio you throw at it, rocking out the music histogram in the form of concentric spheres. The sphere supports minor tweaking such histogram frequency width and audio frequency amplitude scaling to produce some “WOW” effects.

Here’s the thing about experimental, and emergent APIs—they’re fun (and a pain) to explore, and reveal amazing new stuff. We learn the state of current technology, browser capabilities, new ways to do old things, and their effect on the user. For instance, FileSystem APIs add amazing flexibility to web applications, making truly cross-platform, powerful apps that can work with files on the user’s system, WebGL makes real 3d possible—enabling games, 3d modeling tools and more right in the browser—and so on.

Check out the experiment here.

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