Customization: Gnometer Variation

I’ve always wanted to put up a screen of my desktop. I’ve been modding theme files and customizing it since the WinVista days. And finally, I get myself to do it. Hope you guys like it…

Yes I know it says “variation”, but I haven’t modified Gnometer. I’ve just used it in a different way… The basic idea was to put all the feeds and internet grabbers in one place, and sysinfo in another. And Gnometer comes with a handy toolbar too! And of course, the ever handy Enigma icons for Sunrise/set info, moon phase, etc. Boy, I do LOVE my desktop.

Tools and Skins used:

Rainmeter 1.3 beta
(Don’t worry. The links are just for reference. The themes come by default in Rainmeter now…)


Leaf Cutter Ants

I’ve been using Rainmeter since 0.1x (Feb 2006). It’s been a wonderful journey. I have a series of pics to show, starting from my first desktop, to Enigma and more. And maybe someday I’ll get around to doing it. Till then. Ja ne.

PS: Know what? The day’s finally come! But I don’t have as many pics as I thought… Do check out the desktop evolution post.

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