MNNIT Internet

Understand this guys. This college may have a lot of things. (It doesn’t.) But what it surely does not have is a sane internet connection. I mean seriously, it’s insane. But that would mean it is capable of thinking. It is. You know that crucial moment in your life where 5 minutes could mean a journey home that vacation? Well, in any case, if you’re at MNNIT and those crucial minutes are those just before getting your ticket booked, God be with you. No. I should say may the devil be with you (as he seems to be eager to please to get you to his side. God’s more of a sit-and-wait-to-see-how-he-reacts type.) Bottom line is, you will not get that ticket.

Now I’ll get to why I call it insane. It can sense the intensity of your need. It knows which is the most crucial point in your activity. And it strikes when the time comes. We were supposed to complete a project today (and we did.) Guess what happened. Net stopped working. 4 days in a row. I’ve been trying to upload a pic for almost an hour now, but no, why would it upload. That’s why I’m writing this post in the first place!

And hey! Net started working properly. The pics up 😀

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