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It’s New Year’s day! It’s that time of the year when people go about trying to make their resolutions for the new year, and finding ways to stay on track. Time and again, I’ve done the same, only to break them in a week or two! For once, I decided to sit down and try to figure out why.
The experience has been exciting in itself, but that’s a topic I may come back to later. It turns out that the problem lay more in my inability to make proper resolutions, than in keeping them! This really stood out in the resolutions where I was:

  • Trying to change too many things at once
  • Aiming for something I’m not passionate about
  • Setting the bar too high
  • Making resolutions which don’t translate into actual Tasks
  • Being vague about the goals

Keeping these in mind, I’ve made my resolutions for 2013. I hope I can stay on track a little longer this time around.

Happy New Year, Folks!

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