I’ve been criticized often for my choice of music, and for a long long time! I’ve never discriminated between music—metal, pop, rnb, rap, rock, jazz, blues, throw anything at me, and I’d probably appreciate it! Some of my favorites are Celtic, Japanese and Finnish songs (not to say English and Hindi…)! I’ve found it simply strange that people discriminate between good and bad songs simply by language…

Most people appreciate music because of the lyrics, and that, when they understand it. True it is a lot simpler to assimilate something when presented in one’s own language, but isn’t that also a sign of close-mindedness? There’s more to a song than simply the lyrics—the subtle blend of harmonics and rhythms, the synchronous notes, the individual pitch and tones of the instruments and the silence…

Everything is music.

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    I completely agree….!!!
    Any song… irrespective of its language.. its genre… its lyrics… its sound… or even its singer/band….;
    If it can touch your heart… If it can change your emotions… If it can make you dance.. If it can make you head-bang… If it can make you feel something.. If it can make you feel the feelings… It deserve to be appreciated… and it should be appreciated…!!!

    A “Music” Lover :)

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