Running away is the solution

A vast majority of our problems can be solved by running away. While you’re running away and avoiding your problems, putting them off to be tackled later, your problems cease to be problems. It is because you try to solve your problems that things become such a mess.

Have you ever thought about this: God only listens to you, nothing more, but in most cases, the problem gets solved just so. How do you think that works?

When it comes down to it, worries and problems are basically anxieties about one’s future. When you offload that anxiety on to an external entity, what you’re actually doing is simply averting your eyes. You’re just running away. You stop worrying about uncertainties, and instead do something that you can handle.

In most cases, when things come to pass, they go your way simply because your anxieties were baseless anyway. And even if the worst does happen, time heals most wounds.

So run away. Escape.

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