You will be missed, Bharat.

You were a crazy, die-hard gamer. We played tons of games together since college… starting with NFS on your laptop in Tagore, playing CS all night, every night in the second year, playing WoW, AOE, and tons of other games ever since.

You were a constant partner-in-crime all through college, and our years at Rootwork, and it’s unbelievable to look back and think of all the stuff we’ve done.. working 16 hours a day, and still playing 4 hours a day, cuz gaming was our passion, but the startup was too.

You were a creative genius, with a flair for using technology to make the coolest things… From the crazy UX you’ve built to the music you’ve produced, and the videos you’ve made, everything you did, you did with a passion that’s hard to find in this day and age.

You were as stubborn as they come, with a skull as thick as a wall, but once something got through to you, you would use that same stubbornness to get through the hardest things. That same stubborn nature got you to fight through and live like very few could have with the cards you were dealt.

You will be missed, Bharat.
May your soul rest in peace.

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