A Chance Encounter

That instant, when your eyes meet
And time stands still
Infinite thoughts whiz
Blurred, formless

You start to say something
Witty and pretentious
It’s almost out
When you hesitate

Then you go on your way
And wonder ‘fterwards
What you could’ve done
What might’ve been

What if it went right
And you met for coffee later?
What if it went wrong
At worst, what would’ve happened?

Would not it be easier knowing?
Glad to have tried,
Maybe only to fail miserably,
Than second guessing?

You realize
People don’t get lucky
It takes time and effort
To get things right

Have to take matters
Into your own hands
Vow to yourself
Never to miss another chance

Lost in thought
You look up
To see her standing across
And your eyes meet

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