Chrome: The RAM’s Worst Nightmare

lol… I was wondering about what I could write in here… before eventually realizing the images were pretty much self-explanatory… I never really thought about how much memory a simple internet browser could take! I don’t know what made me check the PC usage stats either. But when I did, was I in for a huge shock! Imagine Chrome taking up 1.25GB RAM. It beats the previous high by GTA 4. I would’ve been unable to browse the internet on my previous PC!

For comparision, here’s a list of RAM Usages:
NFS Most Wanted – 220MB
GTA San Andreas – 200MB
Bioshock – 500MB
NFS Shift – 680MB
GTA 4 – 1.2GB

No need to worry though. Even if you use Chrome, getting into such a mess would be almost impossible. I am yet to meet anyone who has 40+ tabs open at any given time… You can see the tabs open in this window, and I have two windows open. Calculate…

And for a better perspective, here a screen of the Windows Task Manager. 90% usage of 3GB is quite something…

I have some interesting posts lined up for the next few days. If I manage to do them on time, that is…

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